About Us

We are Morris Dancers based in Medway, Kent.

We have a Northwest Clog side and a Longsword side who dance both Longsword and Rapper style.

Our Novices (children) dance a variety of styles including country dances, Border Morris, Longsword, Molly and Northwest Clog.

You can meet us and see us dance most Tuesday evenings from St. George’s Day until the beginning of September, see our ‘Upcoming Events’ for details.

We also dance at a number of festivals throughout the summer.

15 responses to “About Us

  1. I appreciate you might be fully booked, but Sally at the Three Sisters, Rainham is seriously interested in getting you guys there. There is plenty of room to perform and they have four real ales and a special, non-fizzy cider!
    Loved seeing you guys do an impromptu at the 10:50, before the Rochester Sweeps Festival.
    Love to all, Murf


      • Hello, I was just wondering if this was the group that was started by Mark Austen (a Scot). John and Valerie Dennis (English), Peter the Geordie (whose surname I’ve forgotten) and a Welsh sapper who at the time was in Brompton Barracks. The Sapper of course being myself, and who originally came up with the idea of using Bishop Gundulfs name for the Mummers Company that began with us four in 1979/80. At the time I was compiling an historical display of military engineering for the Cathedral. Bishop Gundulf is held to be the father of military engineering in Britain, and designed Rochester Castle for William in 1066. Unfortunately I’ve lost touch with the other three over the years but I still think of them with fond memories.


      • Hi I am trying to e mail you about dancing with Gong Scourers on 18th May at the Kings Arms in Upnor but my e mail keeps being returned please will you get in touch


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